AI prompt engineering – employment opportunities

“It’s your prompt, Hector. Try again.”

Prompt engineers are in demand. This article notes salary ranges.

• CNBC > makeit > “This is the No. 1 ‘most important’ AI skill you need to know, says MIT expert: ‘You can learn the basics in 2 hours’” by Tom Huddleston Jr. (Sep 22 2023) – Everyone needs to learn prompt engineering.

Prompt engineering is essentially the skill of refining and inputting text commands for generative AI programs …

“How you ask for something [from a generative AI tool] is very critical,” says Agarwal, the founder of online educational platform edX, which was acquired by 2U in 2021. He’s also a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT and has served on the CNBC Technology Executive Council Advisory Board.

A well-trained engineer “can stop [AI] from hallucinating by providing constraints,” creating more accurate and efficient results, Agarwal says.