When your Mac or MacBook won’t turn on?

Computer won’t turn on?

As premium devices, Apple computers generally are reliable and last for years. But there can be times – hopefully rare – when your MacBook, for example, won’t power on. Or at least not bootup. This Macworld article is a useful recap of troubleshooting tips. And, yes, it can be humbling to realize that the problem… Continue reading When your Mac or MacBook won’t turn on?

iPhone tips – beyond the basics

This article covers some cool features “that a surprisingly large percentage of users seem to be completely unaware of.” • MacWorld > “10 little-known iPhone features that will blow your mind” by Jason Cross, Senior Editor (April 24, 2022) TABLE OF CONTENTS Silence unknown callers Freely move the text cursor Set up Back Tap shortcuts… Continue reading iPhone tips – beyond the basics

iPhone settings tips 2022

For your new iPhone (or revisiting settings on your current one), some tips for some settings. • Mac World > “Why you should start 2022 by changing these 10 iPhone settings” by Tamara Palmer (Jan 1, 2022) – Your iPhone is great out of the box, but there are lots of little things that can… Continue reading iPhone settings tips 2022