The new year 2024

2023 was likely the hottest year on record … megadroughts … megafires … megastorms & floods … mega migrations … and all the political & social impacts. In the New Year, complacency is not an option – misinformation exploits hopelessness. • Wired > “Yes, the Climate Crisis Is Now ‘Gobsmacking.’ But So Is Some Progress” by Matt… Continue reading The new year 2024

Merry Christmas 2023

My holiday card this year in the cosmic greetings, Santa-in-Space series. What another year … how to handle the challenge of cheer?so, Santa’s adapted, got some new gearamidst all the clutter & clatter,swiftly gauging every matter even the Claus is down with AI,for transport does he deftly relyto artfully supervise a lot,answering wishes by merry… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2023

The new year 2023

We need to move from thinking economy,society,planet to planet,society,economy. That’s when we’re going to continueour evolutionary process. – astronaut Ron Garan