When your Mac or MacBook won’t turn on?

Computer won’t turn on?

As premium devices, Apple computers generally are reliable and last for years. But there can be times – hopefully rare – when your MacBook, for example, won’t power on. Or at least not bootup. This Macworld article is a useful recap of troubleshooting tips. And, yes, it can be humbling to realize that the problem… Continue reading When your Mac or MacBook won’t turn on?

macOS “Big Sur” tips

While keeping your Mac up-to-date with the latest macOS system software generally is easier (and more reliable) for “mere mortals” than keeping up with all the Windows 10 updates on a PC, it’s still a chore. For some there’s no practical benefit for a new release (other than any security patches). But if you’ve got… Continue reading macOS “Big Sur” tips

Best Mac anti-virus program?

MacWorld > Best antivirus for Mac: Protect yourself from malicious software by Glenn Fleishman, Senior Contributor, Macworld (Nov 12, 2019) If you’re concerned about protection against malware on your Apple Mac computer, here’re some notes from MacWorld’s latest reviews. Summary Best overall antivirus software – Sophos Home Premium for Mac Best free antivirus software – Avast… Continue reading Best Mac anti-virus program?

Which Mac to get?

Considering purchasing a Mac for the first time or replacing an older one? Apple computers are premium products; so, congrats on your decision. If you’re a typical user, your experience on a Mac will be smoother, more consistent over time, particularly due to less housekeeping distractions than on a PC. And while Macs are not… Continue reading Which Mac to get?