• Macworld Apple Intelligence marks a turning point. Not just for Apple, which finally learned how to say “AI” and is diving head-first into making big generative AI features a central part of its products. It’s a turning point for the […]
  • Macworld Among Steve Jobs’ many philosophies at Apple was giving customers what they need, not necessarily what they want. He famously said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s why I never rely on […]
  • Macworld Macs have a high price so it’s understandable that many Mac users will want to put off replacing them for as long as they can. But just how long should you expect a Mac to last? You may also […]
  • Macworld Travel can be incredibly rewarding, but managing the costs can feel like a full-time job. A Matt’s Flights lifetime subscription cuts down on the work by finding the flight deals for you and putting them in your inbox. The […]
  • Macworld Apple is fond of its web browser, Safari, even to the extent that some readers with other preferences find it difficult to consistently get Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or other browsers to open links to web pages in other apps. […]
  • Macworld We all want our Mac to run at its best, but it can sometimes seem like keeping that cache and desktop clear is a full time job. Now there’s finally an optimization tool that lets you put your digital […]
  • Macworld No one has time to wait forever for their phone to charge, so having a tool like the Anker Prime 100W USB-C Charger may very well be just what you need. In fact, since the Anker Prime is down […]
  • Macworld At WWDC on June 10, Apple took the wraps off its ambitious project to inject generative AI features throughout its operating systems. Apple calls this Apple Intelligence, and it’s going to transform the way you use your iPhone, iPad, […]
  • Macworld When Apple announced it was going to stop using Intel processors in Macs, the company said it would support those Intel-based Macs for a number of years. It’s been four years since Apple silicon was introduced, so as WWDC […]
  • Macworld It’s a long-held belief of Mac users that their computers are immune to the kind of malware and viruses that plague Windows PCs. While there is some credibility in this idea, we shouldn’t get over-confident when it comes to […]

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