Mar 212011

Searched for a theme with a contemporary style and flexibility. Suffusion 3.7.8 was the best that I found.



so that blog’s title was shifted over a character in header; and Featured Content’s sliderPager and sliderControl were centered.

Word Press Bookmarklet

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Mar 282005

An easier way to quickly post something. Still requires logging in (if not already). Oh, what the note about this feature probably means to say is that after logging in you can go about browsing the web wherever. Then whenever you want to post something to your blog, you can just use the bookmarklet link, and continue browsing. A convenience.

Dec 052004

In order to provide expanded and enhanced customer support, now offers WordPress-based blogging for customers, as a free “goodie” on any fully-hosted domain. WordPress is free, open source weblog software based on PHP and MySQL. “Mere mortals” can post and comment on site articles — no Web programming skill is required. For more information about WordPress see: