• Macworld 2023 ended up being a good year for the Mac, thanks to the somewhat surprising introduction of the M3 series of chips and the launch of the 15-inch MacBook Air. But what about next year? What will happen to […]
  • Macworld The academic research institution Eurecom has discovered security holes in the Bluetooth wireless standard that could allow a threat agent to impersonate devices and set up man-in-the middle attacks. The holes have been in several versions of the Bluetooth […]
  • Macworld If you’re an older user looking to pick up an iPad or someone wanting to gift an Apple tablet to Grandad or Grandma, which is the best iPad to choose? There’s a fair selection in the current Apple catalog, […]
  • Macworld Ever since Intel abandoned its plans to develop a 5G modem and sold the remnants of the team to Apple in 2019, Apple has been working on its own modem in an effort to ditch Qualcomm’s hold over the […]
  • Macworld Deciding which iPhone to buy has always been tricky. Which screen size is best for you, and how much storage do you need? Should you save money by selecting an older model, or should you splash out on the […]
  • Macworld We’ve rounded up the best MagSafe and MagSafe-compatible magnetic chargers, from the plain to the multi-functional (up to six devices charged) and even the most colorful—from snap-on chargers and modular stands to foldable power bank and full desk mat. […]
  • Macworld If you don’t like the default notification sound on your iPhone, tough luck. Apple hasn’t provided any means of changing it going back as far as we can remember–thus the iPhone’s long-standing ascending three-note sound has become somewhat synonymous […]
  • Macworld The question of which Mac to use for video editing doesn’t have a simple answer. There are a lot of variables. The answer depends on whether you are a professional video editor working independently or as part of a […]
  • Macworld Receiving calls from unknown numbers is a recurring theme that can often be quite aggravating to deal with, especially since most of them tend to be from pranksters and telemarketers. However, the fact remains that some calls may be […]
  • Macworld The newest version of macOS–Sonoma–named after the Californian wine region, is now available. Among the new features arriving on Macs with Sonoma (aka macOS 14) are changes to widgets, a new Game Mode, the ability to easily turn web […]

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