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  • Death and taxes may be the most famous of life’s certainties, but you can also always count on Google to kill off another service or feature. It’s often something fiercely beloved or downright useful, too. (No, I’m still not over […]
  • Microsoft’s next huge Windows 11 feature update, code-named Windows 11 23H2, has a big addition: AI. Microsoft is readying for the era of the AI PC with the addition of Windows Copilot, powered by Bing Chat. And it will debut […]
  • It seems like VR gaming has been in kind of a holding pattern for the last year or two, ever since Half-Life: Alyx came out. I suspect that, with Facebook/Meta pushing hard to get AR into the hands of more […]
  • AI will change the way that we work. Or so says the most fervent purveyors of the tech, which now includes Microsoft. But after seeing ChatGPT, Dall-E, and other AI systems integrated into the latest versions of Windows 11, Office, […]
  • Windows users will soon have a way of sampling new games without downloading them, a new feature called “Instant Games” that will be introduced as part of the upcoming Windows 11 update. The new feature is rolling out in preview, […]
  • Microsoft Paint is gaining generative AI powers with Paint Cocreator, a new feature debuting in conjunction that will eventually arrive in Windows 11 23H2, now known as the Windows 11 2023 Update. It’s a big win for Paint, which was […]
  • Microsoft’s next Windows 11 feature update won’t roll out overnight. In fact, several pieces will take some time to deliver — including the launch of the highly anticipated Windows Copilot feature. Today, you can begin downloading some of the future […]
  • The best USB-C hubs and dongles answer the question: How do I connect printers, mice, and keyboards to my laptop if it doesn’t have a rectangular USB-A port? A good USB-C hub or dongle is relatively cheap, but adds a […]
  • Buying and selling used PC parts is a time-honored tradition, but it’s rare for a big-box retailer to get in on the action. Newegg is trying just that, offering a trade-in program for graphics cards that will give you credit […]
  • Let’s face it. Gaming rigs can be expensive, sometimes costing up to $4,000 or more depending on the hardware inside. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you’ve come to the right place. Best Buy’s currently selling the HP […]

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