Ready or Not — free Windows 10 Upgrade ending soon

If you’re still getting nags on your PC to upgrade to Windows 10, then either I hope that’s an oversight you’ll address before the end of July, or you really do not want the Upgrade.

PC World’s article “10 reasons to reject Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade” summarizes why some people are not upgrading. However, as I’ve discussed in other posts, bypassing the Upgrade can be tricky.

Here’s that list of reasons not to upgrade:

No Windows Media Center or DVD support
No desktop gadgets or widgets
No OneDrive placeholders
No control over Windows Updates
Privacy concerns
Ads and more ads
Microsoft’s aggressive upgrade tactics
Software compatibility
Hardware compatibility
Ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Note: If you have a Windows 7 PC, Windows 7’s no longer getting any feature updates or Service Packs; Mainstream Support ended January 13, 2015; and Extended Support (bug / security patches) ends January 14, 2020.