Got too much spam? — tips to reduce junk email

The UK’s The Guardian recently posted an article titled “How can I stop spam emails?” which summarizes tips to reduce spam. Read the full article for details.

  1. Get a new email address (especially a Gmail address).
  2. Use a different email service which blocks more spam (like Gmail).
  3. Be careful about who you share your email address with.
  4. Unless you really need to, do not post or list your email address on any web sites (or in social media).
  5. Do not forward chain letters (with or without those cute/funny photos).
  6. Do not open spam emails.

Emails can include web beacons, web bugs or tracking pixels that tell the spammer you have accessed an email and therefore that your account is a live one. More spam will follow.

As things stand, the better email service providers, including Google and Microsoft, are doing the bulk of the work in blocking spam, and they stop the vast majority from even reaching your spam box. There’s very little that an individual can do to improve on that, beyond the simple measures described above.

It’s best to accept that some spam will always get through, but if you’re only getting five a day, it’s not worth worrying about. Just delete them and concentrate on the more important things in life.