Creepy aspects of Windows 10’s privacy settings — more from PC World

Windows 10 is a “winner” in most ways, especially for those moving from older Windows versions (and who invest the time to prep and complete a successful upgrade). However, as I’ve noted in prior posts, news about its “out-of-the-box” settings persists. And that’s a good thing. For many people, those settings may pose privacy issues. It’s best to check what’s going on, as Melissa Riofrio, Executive Editor, highlights in her December 14, 2015, PC World “Fixing Windows 10’s privacy problems” video.

Windows 10 has privacy issues: It asks for a lot of information in exchange for using its services. Here’s how to control that information flow.

Go to the settings section in Windows 10’s Control panel. You’ll find the privacy settings down near the bottom. You’ll definitely want to explore all the options here, but I’ll show you four [or three] really important ones. Remember, some settings affect important apps like email, so choose wisely.

The creepiest online ads are the ones that track where you’ve been and show you stuff you were just shopping for.