Windows 10 Feedback Part 1 — Pros & Cons, Likes & Dislikes, Hits & Misses

So, you’ve been using Windows 10 for awhile. What do you think? What do you like or dislike?

Although released less than a month ago (as of today, August 17), the commentary is underway. For example, this “10 Things You’ll Hate in Windows 10” article:

There are some features that do need some work though. Some of them are pretty obscure issues. You can live with them until Microsoft gets around to addressing them. A few of these even have fixes coming that we know about. Others are more complicated problems that’ll take Microsoft and its partners sometime to address.

  • Updates Happen Automatically
  • OneDrive Syncing Stinks For Now
  • Skype Is a No Show
  • Only in Tablet Mode Does the Touch Keyboard Surface Automatically
  • Music Is Still Missing Basic Functionality
  • You Can’t Act on Notifications in the Action Center
  • Start Layouts Don’t Sync Across Devices
  • Windows Store Apps Need Updates
  • Connect to Suggested Open WiFi Hotspots
  • White Titlebars

Advice about privacy settings is a regular topic, as in this “How to reclaim your privacy in Windows 10, piece by piece” article:

There’s no doubt about it: Windows 10 is veritably infused with data-tracking tidbits and hooks into all sorts of Microsoft’s online services? Handing over all that data has some tangible benefits, like Windows 10’s OneDrive integration and the Bing-powered brains behind the Cortana digital assistant, but not everyone is thrilled with the idea of Big Brother Bill Gates constantly looking over their digital shoulder.

Read the full article for the rundown.

If you’ve explored the privacy and sharing options, including app permissions, on your smartphone or tablet, then these Privacy Settings categories may look familiar:

  • General – participate in personalized advertising inside apps
  • Location – permit apps and services to know where you are
  • Camera, Microphone – permit apps to see and hear you
  • Speech, inking, & typing – enable “getting to know you” (Windows & Cortana) – like a trusted butler [in addition to whether you want Cortana turned on and certain Edge settings]
  • Account Info – permit apps to know your name, …
  • Contacts, Calendar – permit apps to see your “personal organizer” data
  • Messaging – permit apps to read or send messages
  • Radios – permit apps to send or receive data from other nearby devices (like Bluetooth) [in addition to Wi-Fi Sense settings]
  • Other Devices – enable other types of automatic sharing & sync’ing (Xbox One, TVs, projectors, USB FlashDrive) [in addition to OneDrive settings]
  • Feedback – participate or not
  • Background apps – use some power management

I’ll be posting more reactions in the coming weeks.

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