Security Risk Outlook 2014

A recent PC World article “Threat forecast for 2014: Ransomware, scams, snoops” summarized security firm AVG’s outlook for 2014:

AVG Technologies Australia security advisor, Michael McKinnon, said the emergence of ransomware such as Cryptlocker shows the increasing sophistication of modern malware, and should be a concern for individual users and business.

Here’s an excerpt from AVG’s blog post, “2014 – a year of escalating Ransomware, Bitcoin, Privacy and Digital Vagrants:”

We know that protection is best achieved with an equal combination of the right technology, up to date systems and the highest level of awareness and education in the face of the latest scams and tactics; it remains a constant battle to ensure that new users are provided with enough knowledge to remain safe and secure.

UPDATE: PC World also outlined “The top 5 security threats to watch for in 2014” — mobile malware, Internet-connected devices, virtual currencies, Windows XP, data breaches.