Another research topic – More DreamHost Goodies

DreamHost’s latest newsletter (Newsletter v7.1 January 2005) describes additional “Goodies” which can enhance client web sites, such as Bulletin Boards, Polls, and Stores. Here’re some excerpts below.

… we’ve converted the new “Goodies > WordPress Blog” area into the now-even-newer “Goodies > One-Click Installs” area! Everything’s just like it was before, except now you can ALSO install a phpBB2 forum, Advanced Poll software, and an OSCommerce store … all with just ONE CLICK (each)! Check out the new and improved area:

We plan to add even more easy-installs in upcoming months too!

… It turns out that our old anti-spam filter Razor is going the way of SolidComponents today too! As you may have noticed for a while, we have a new Junk Filter option here:

It uses SpamAssassin and it works much better. It is true that Razor could be turned on for just one email address, whereas the new Junk Filter is per-domain, but that’s what we in the biz like to call “a tradeoff”. And in this case, the tradeoff is you get a Junk Mail filter that works better and works a lot while losing one that doesn’t catch much spam and breaks a lot!