The new year 2022

Holiday card
stark landscapes becoming familiar,
and making howling at the moon so wry,
as seeking normal waxes & wanes
into a wider shade of gray

we dream beyond horizons
of land & sky,
and launch into deeper arcs
of scales for why

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  1. Cherish the light in 2022 …

    • Washington Post > “America slouches into a new pandemic year” by Dan Zak (Dec 30, 2021) – In the context of the pandemic, things are somehow both worse and never better.

    A vast swath of unvaccinated Americans prefer ideological purity to their own health and safety and that of the people around them; about 1 in 5 Americans remains vaccine-resistant, according to Gallup. These are exponential times, and we are a logarithmic people. Germs outpace behavior. Mandates clash with advisories. Tell us what to do, but don’t make us do anything!

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