Dec 212017

If you got a new PC for the holidays, congrats. What’s next? Windows 10 updates, Cortana practice, customization, privacy settings, another browser, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, backup, … fun.

As in the past, PC World posted an article yesterday about what to do first with a new PC: “How to set up your new computer.”

Best practices:

  • Run Windows Update
  • Install a second browser, e.g., Google’s Chrome
  • Set up your new PC’s security — either the default Windows Defender or a 3rd party program bundled by the manufacturer + Malwarebytes
  • Clean your computer’s bloatware (optional)
  • Learn about your new computer (new features compared to your previous one)
  • Install additional software programs (e.g., Microsoft Office or a 3rd party Office program)
  • Copy personal files from your old PC (or not — if all your stuff’s stored in various Cloud services)
  • Back up your new computer

And it’s best to do these things when you’re not distracted or stressed by other things. And one step at a time. And practice, practice, practice. (How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.)

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