iOS 10 — iPhone iPad Update — reviews

Well, if you use an iPhone or iPad, you may have already noticed that a Software Update was released by Apple last week, namely iOS 10, a major upgrade to the operating system which runs on those devices. While every upgrade may include fixes and patches, most of the articles that I’ve been reading about iOS 10 cover new features.

One of the best summaries of those features is The Verge’s article “iOS 10 review: doors into the walled garden” posted today.

Lock screen and notifications
Photos, Maps
Other Apps

With iOS 10, you can clearly see that Apple understands what it wants a phone to be in 2016. You can see that vision when it chose to update its own apps. It’s the thing we use to talk to each other, to take pictures, to listen to music, and to find our way around. But it can also be so much more, and so Apple has expanded the platform, giving us tiny windows into those apps all over the OS. It’s not quite the productivity powerhouse (especially on the iPad) that some would like, but it’s very much Apple’s vision of computing.