VR headsets for 2022 – ready for virtual worlds?

Here’s another recap of popular consumer VR headsets, whether you’re a fan of off-world adventures or not. Are VR headsets still bulky? Are standalone devices all you need? Low-end or high-end? If you’re into VR gaming, are there a lot of choices? Are you okay with the Facebook (Meta Platforms) ecosystem? This Space.com article has… Continue reading VR headsets for 2022 – ready for virtual worlds?

iPhone tips – beyond the basics

This article covers some cool features “that a surprisingly large percentage of users seem to be completely unaware of.” • MacWorld > “10 little-known iPhone features that will blow your mind” by Jason Cross, Senior Editor (April 24, 2022) TABLE OF CONTENTS Silence unknown callers Freely move the text cursor Set up Back Tap shortcuts… Continue reading iPhone tips – beyond the basics

Free VR games

So, if you’ve decided to buy a VR headset on a limited budget, some free VR games may help test the experience before further investment. • Space.com > “Best free VR experiences: Free VR games for Oculus Quest 2 and more” by Ian Stokes (Feb 11, 2022) – Save money with these free VR experiences… Continue reading Free VR games

iPhone settings tips 2022

For your new iPhone (or revisiting settings on your current one), some tips for some settings. • Mac World > “Why you should start 2022 by changing these 10 iPhone settings” by Tamara Palmer (Jan 1, 2022) – Your iPhone is great out of the box, but there are lots of little things that can… Continue reading iPhone settings tips 2022

VR in the house? – consumer’s FAQ by PC Guide

One of my last technology research projects years ago at Hughes was focused on visualization [1]. Visualization, among other things, included applications using virtual reality (VR). Since then, as noted elsewhere, I’ve followed the topic casually for commercial, industrial and consumer uses. But I’ve not invested in any consumer gear as yet. I’ve wondered, for… Continue reading VR in the house? – consumer’s FAQ by PC Guide

iPhone system updates – 2021 iOS flurry

Are you getting annoyed at the constant nags to update your iPhone? Is it worth all the time it takes to process – to download-check-install and reboot your device? If you’re getting notices the last month or so that yet another iOS update is available for your iPhone, then you’re not alone. I was getting… Continue reading iPhone system updates – 2021 iOS flurry

Remotely triggering your iPhone’s camera shutter

This MacWorld article is an excellent summary of all the ways to trigger the shutter remotely in your iPhone’s camera app. • MacWorld > “How to remotely control your iPhone’s camera” by Lance Whitney (May 13, 2021) – Take a photo without touching your phone. (quote) There are several reasons why you might not want… Continue reading Remotely triggering your iPhone’s camera shutter

TV streaming services – visual preview like a set-top box?

This TechHive article (below) is a useful roundup of OTT services. One thing that’s predictable is price increases (not discussed in article). The typical monthly cost stands near $70, which reminds me of my cable bill years ago (and paying for so many channels that I’m not interested in or dropping channels that I do… Continue reading TV streaming services – visual preview like a set-top box?

iPhone update for your new AirTags

Lots of media buzz recently about Apple’s new AirTag. The latest iOS version enables you to use them with your iPhone. • Mac World > “iOS 14.5 is out now with lots of new features and improvements” by Jason Cross, Staff Writer (April 26, 2021) – The update adds AirTags support, App Tracking Transparency, unlock… Continue reading iPhone update for your new AirTags

Samsung Galaxy S21 customization

I’ve never owned a Samsung smartphone. Their phones are really popular, yes. Lots of models. Lots of deals. I finished reading the book Samsung Rising in March. Really interesting. Quite a saga to get to its success, like with the latest S21. I’ve been satisfied with a Pixel 2. Late last year a Google Store… Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S21 customization

macOS “Big Sur” tips

While keeping your Mac up-to-date with the latest macOS system software generally is easier (and more reliable) for “mere mortals” than keeping up with all the Windows 10 updates on a PC, it’s still a chore. For some there’s no practical benefit for a new release (other than any security patches). But if you’ve got… Continue reading macOS “Big Sur” tips

Multiple monitors for work-at-home

What with stay-at-home and work-from-home, I found this PC World article interesting. I talked with a friend over the weekend about using an external monitor with his notebook PC. He’d brought a 27″ monitor home from his employer’s office, and wanted to place multiple Office documents on separate screens. Note that the article considers 2K… Continue reading Multiple monitors for work-at-home

The chips that power your personal computer – Intel’s overview

Holy electron beams, Batman! Chips on a reel, eh. Ever wonder about how computer chips (microprocessors) that power your personal computer are made? Well, if you’re curious for a high level overview, this PC World article includes a YouTube video by Intel (below) and some additional manufacturing videos for other products. PC World > “This… Continue reading The chips that power your personal computer – Intel’s overview

Is Windows 10’s built-in security all the free you need?

Here’s an update to a topic discussed in my January 31, 2019, post “Best PC anti-virus — free or not” and whether Microsoft Windows 10’s built-in Windows Defender is adequate for many PC users. PC World > “Windows Security review: There are better options, but not for the ‘price’” – Windows Security (nee Windows Defender)… Continue reading Is Windows 10’s built-in security all the free you need?

Best Mac anti-virus program?

MacWorld > Best antivirus for Mac: Protect yourself from malicious software by Glenn Fleishman, Senior Contributor, Macworld (Nov 12, 2019) If you’re concerned about protection against malware on your Apple Mac computer, here’re some notes from MacWorld’s latest reviews. Summary Best overall antivirus software – Sophos Home Premium for Mac Best free antivirus software – Avast… Continue reading Best Mac anti-virus program?