Auto opt-in’s: Free software and unwanted add-on’s

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May 202011

May 2011: I was glad to see a major blog take on something which has riled me as well. Like when I update Adobe Flash on every PC. Ed Bott at ZDNet conjured up the new term “foistware” for the insidious practice, even by large reputable software companies. See: “Adobe and Skype top my Foistware Hall of Shame” for some notable examples.

Word Press Bookmarklet

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Mar 282005

An easier way to quickly post something. Still requires logging in (if not already). Oh, what the note about this feature probably means to say is that after logging in you can go about browsing the web wherever. Then whenever you want to post something to your blog, you can just use the bookmarklet link, and continue browsing. A convenience.

Another research topic – More DreamHost Goodies

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Feb 032005

DreamHost’s latest newsletter (Newsletter v7.1 January 2005) describes additional “Goodies” which can enhance client web sites, such as Bulletin Boards, Polls, and Stores. Here’re some excerpts below.

… we’ve converted the new “Goodies > WordPress Blog” area into the now-even-newer “Goodies > One-Click Installs” area! Everything’s just like it was before, except now you can ALSO install a phpBB2 forum, Advanced Poll software, and an OSCommerce store … all with just ONE CLICK (each)! Check out the new and improved area:

We plan to add even more easy-installs in upcoming months too!

… It turns out that our old anti-spam filter Razor is going the way of SolidComponents today too! As you may have noticed for a while, we have a new Junk Filter option here:

It uses SpamAssassin and it works much better. It is true that Razor could be turned on for just one email address, whereas the new Junk Filter is per-domain, but that’s what we in the biz like to call “a tradeoff”. And in this case, the tradeoff is you get a Junk Mail filter that works better and works a lot while losing one that doesn’t catch much spam and breaks a lot!